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Two girls riding horses together in a field

Protect What Matters

Every time you ride a horse you are at risk of suffering a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a fall without the right head protection. Over 11,759 people visited emergency rooms for horseback riding related head injuries (NEISS data), which are the leading cause of death. We know western riders and their families want and deserve safe head protection. So we created the Resistol RideSafe™ cowboy helmet, the only ASTM/SEI certified traditional cowboy hat. Our Comfort Dial adjustable hat band ensures a perfect fit. Now you can stay safe and have the traditional cowboy hat look you love.

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Ride Western RideSafe

In 1927, Resistol made its first handcrafted cowboy hat in the heart of Dallas, Texas. We are proud to say that our hats are handcrafted in the USA and guarantee to deliver the high quality craftsmanship that you deserve. Safety is also one of our top priorities, which is why we designed the Resistol RideSafe®. RideSafe is a hat that combines tradition and safety, in which it is the only ASTM/SEI certified western hat helmet on the market. The Comfort Dial ensures a perfect fit by adjusting the dial to tighten or loosen the hat to your liking. The retention strap holds your hat in place while the lower guard provides extra protection at the back of your head. Resistol RideSafe® delivers the protection you want while preserving the heritage and lifestyle of the western cowboy.


Two people riding horses together

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Tech Specs

Complies with the ASTM F1163-15 Standard specification for
Protective Headgear Used in Sports and Horseback Riding

- 1. Authentic Resistol Cowboy Hat
- 2. Rigid ABS Shell
- 3. Impact Absorbing EPS
- 4. EPS Foam Crown
- 5. Lower Guard
- 5. Comfort Dial
- 6. Retention System